Improve drill string performance with the recommended use of Heavy Weight Drill Pipe.

Heavy Weight Drill Pipe is the industry standard for an intermediate weight drill stem member and is available in standard, spiraled and non-magnetic designs making it useful in a number of applications. It has drill pipe dimensions for easier handling. Heavy weight drill pipe utilizes a center upset or wear pad to increase tube life, reduce hole drag and minimize differential sticking problems.

  • Extra-length tool joints provide ample space to recut the connections, reduce the wear rate on the OD and extend service life. 
  • The center upset protects the tube from OD wear by keeping the tube away from the hole wall, while at the same time reducing the risk of differential sticking. 
  • The API boreback box stress relief feature is standard for the box connection on 4” Heavy Weight Drill Pipe and larger, helping to extend the service life of the connection. 
  • Cold rolling the thread roots on all Heavy Weight Drill Pipe connections increases the connection’s ability to resist fatigue cracking. 
  • Heavy Weight Drill Pipe can be picked up with the drill pipe elevators, for fast and efficient handling on the rig floor. 
  • Hardbanding placed on the tool joints and center wear pad will increase abrasion resistance and extended service life. 
  • The API stress-relief groove feature on the pin connection for sizes 4” and larger. 

Directional Drilling:
  • An effective weight-on-bit member in extended reach, horizontal and conventional directional well designs. 
  • Improved directional control by reducing torque and drag. 
  • The center upset helps reduce the risk of differential sticking.
Vertical Drilling:
  • Use as an active weight-on-bit member. 
  • Heavy Weight Drill Pipe can be used to provide a portion of the anticipated drilling weight when using soft formation PDC rock bits. 
Note: Heavy Weight Drill Pipe should not be used as bit weight in vertical holes larger than those listed in the table below.

Transition Zone:
  • 15 to 21 joints of Heavy Weight Drill Pipe run above the drill collars will reduce the risk of drill pipe fatigue.

(When used as bit weight in vertical hole)

Note:  All dimensions are given in inches unless otherwise stated.
         All weights are approximate.