Cast Steel Lifting Bails

Thread protectors should always be used to protect both the pin and box connection when drill stem components are being shipped or stored at the warehouse or location.

Cast Steel, with lifting bails are made from steel casting that meet ASTM specification A27 Grade 60-30 (60,000 psi tensile – 30,000 psi yield) and are equipped with heavy-duty bails suitable for picking up and laying down a drill collar with a cat line. Threads and shoulders are precision machined.

The table below gives a range of thread configurations available. Others are available upon request.

Note:   All dimensions are given in inches, unless otherwise stated.
          Pin protectors listed are for standard length pins only.

AOS Cast Steel Bails are fitted to drill collars to:
  • Protect threads during transit and storage. 
  • Provide lifting points when the Drill Collars require picking up or laying down. 
The normal lift capacity of the Protector is 1 ½ times the Drill Collar Weight.