Established in 2003
, Ace Oilfield Supply, Inc. (AOS) manufactures down hole drilling tools used for the oil and gas exploration industry. AOS, and our overseas manufacturing facilities at Oil Tools International Services (OTI), are an API QMS and ISO 9001-2008 certified manufacturer. We are licensed to manufacture under the scope of API Spec 7-1 and in compliance with ISO/TS 29001. 

The core strength of AOS is its staff, their expertise and experience in the oil and gas exploration industry, and our ability to deliver a quality product. 

We manufacture a full range of Drill Collars (Slick Drill Collars and Spiral Drill Collars), Heavy
Weight Drill Pipe (Standard and Spiral), Rotary Kellys (Hexagonal Kellys and Square Kellys), Integral and Welded Blade Stabilizers, Rotary Subs, Pup Joints, Drill Stem Subs and many customized products that are required for oil and gas exploration 

We are positioned to serve our customers better and faster along with having a quality product. AOS service network of owned manufacturing facilities and manufacturing licensees ensure local demand is met quickly, with a combination of the highest product quality and customer service. 

AOS has established relations with industry leaders globally and caters to the ever-growing Mining, Oil & Gas Sector, by manufacturing and supplying quality products at a competitive price. We service drilling contractors, service companies, supply houses and rental companies based in all domestic and international drilling markets.