Heavy Weight Drill Pipe is the industry standard for an intermediate weight drill stem member and is available in standard, spiraled and non-magnetic designs making it useful in a number of applications. It has drill pipe dimensions for easier handling. Heavy weight drill pipe utilizes center upset or wear pad to increase tube life, reduce hole drag and minimize differential sticking problems.


Each piece of Spiral Heavy Weight Drill Pipe is 100% dimensionally inspected and the material is full length ultrasonically inspected. All connections are 100% inspected to conform to latest API standards. Full material certifications are provided with each piece of Spiral Heavy Weight Drill Pipe.


To optimize wear resistance, hardbanding is available on the tool joints. This heavy-duty hard metal application is a closely controlled welding process applied with automatic hardbanding machines. Hardbanding is typically applied 4”on the box tool joint and 4” on the pin tool joint. Tungsten carbide and multiple premium (casing friendly) hardbanding alloys are available.


API stress relief groove on pins and boreback relief feature on boxes are standard on Spiral Heavy Weight Drill Pipes 4 ½” and 5”. All connections are kemplated, coated with lubricant and provided with thread protectors. Thread roots are cold rolled on all sizes.

NOTE:    All dimensions are given in inches unless otherwise stated.
            All weights are approximate.