Welded Blade Stabilizers are used in the BHA for drilling soft to medium hard formation holes and are available in multiple configurations.

Stabilizer bodies are manufactured from AISI 4145 H Modified Steel with mechanical properties in accordance with API Specification 7-1.

Mild steel blades are welded onto the body using strictly controlled pre-heating, post weld heat treatment and weld application techniques.

All areas affected by the process of welding are subject to full non-destructive examination to assure the mechanical integrity of the joint.

Standard Welded Blade Stabilizers are available in 3 or 4 blade configurations with either open or tight spiraling.

AOS HF 1000 Hardfacings are most commonly applied to Welded Blade Stabilizers.

Information on AOS Hardfacings are introduced on Page 11 with additional data sheets available upon request.

Thread connections are manufactured to API Specification 7-1 and can be produced with Stress Relief Groove on Pins and Bore Back Boxes according to customer’s specification.

Thread roots are cold rolled and kemplated to minimize galling.


NOTE:    All dimensions are given in inches unless otherwise stated.
            Other stabilizer sizes available upon request.